Save Todmorden College petition – presentation to Todmorden Development Board meeting, 5pm Tuesday 7th March

Yesterday (Sunday 5th March) Save Our College In Todmorden (SOCIT) and supporters held a street protest outside Todmorden College and a march through the town in favour of making the College a community asset that would house a green jobs training centre, focussed on agro-ecology and strawbale/low carbon building.

The protest was shown on ITV’s Calendar last night about 17:50.

Many people in and around Todmorden have also signed a petition to Todmorden Development Board (a subcommittee of Calderdale Council) which wants to sell the college to Aldi.

Todmorden Development Board is meeting in Todmorden Town Hall at 17:00 on Tuesday 7th March.  The College is not on the agenda but SOCIT intends to present them with the petition that has been collected around the town.

The next significant meeting will be Calderdale Council’s Cabinet meeting at 6pm on Monday April 3rd, when the decision will be taken to sell the site to Aldi or not.

This are the proposals for the sale to Aldi that Calderdale Council are considering.  You’ll note that the council still must find £1m to pay for the Children’s Centre, the ongoing running costs of c£70k pa and the cost of pre-fab buildings between the demolition and the rebuilding.

Todmorden Town Council is generally in favour of SOCIT’s proposal.

SOCIT has a very short deadline from Calderdale Council, to produce a business plan from Incredible Farm and Strawworks showing that their proposal is economically viable, based on purchase of the College at the going market rate.

Photo from SOCIT (Save Our College in Todmorden)


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