Todmorden Green Councillors support Save Our College in Todmorden!

Calderdale Council want to sell Todmorden Community College to Aldi but the people of Tod have other – much better ideas. Why would they want a 4th supermarket?

Please come and show support for their project to Save Our College in Todmorden,
at the demo outside the College on Sunday March 5th at 2pm.

Incredible Farm and Strawworks want to turn it into a national training centre for natural building, renewable energy and agro-ecology.

For this they need to buy the College as a community asset. Calderdale Council have given them two weeks to come up with a business plan to show their ideas are viable.

Green Town Councillor Dave Wardell said,

“As a Town Councillor I feel we must create jobs in Todmorden, create education and training in Todmorden and keep a substantial community asset – and saving the College covers all of that.  It’s an asset we can’t see lost.”


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